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Joanna is the Jill of all trades for a new Charleston-based natural food startup, which is developing a product line that will feature superfood and  plant-based nutritional supplements and  snacks. She is assisting the Kale-King, Brad Gruno, in laying the foundation for the yet-to-be-named business that just came together this year.  She and  Brad can usually be seen early in the morning, brain storming and  strategizing in the lounge area at Local Works. Like any successful entrepreneur, they jumped right into the spirit of coworking and  have been collaborating with fellow Local Worker Melissa Barker of MEL BAR MAR in order to create a marketing strategy and  brand  identity. Keep an eye on the Local Works Facebook page for updates!

Working in the natural food space is an obvious fit for Joanna who is halfway through a graduate program in integrative nutrition, with a specialty in community outreach and  pediatric health. Considering she works full time while working towards a Master’s degree, she’s also passionate about coffee. When she’s not thinking about nutrition, Joanna is spending time with her kitten, Coconut, or singing/writing folk-country and  playing the violin. She’s all about the Charleston music scene and  looking for a more permanent band  situation… so if you know of anyone looking for a Rockstar, reach out.

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