Local Works was created by Lowcountry Local First, a Charleston-based nonprofit that cultivates an economy anchored in local ownership, because local-independent businesses are the cornerstone of our culture, economy and  character. Local craftsmen and  businesses were utilized in the making of this space, created intentionally as a thriving example of how developers and businesses can choose local in their own projects.

We take great pride in our work to support, foster and  strengthen the local businesses in this community that give us all a sense of place, enrich our culture, and  provide us with a place that we’re proud to call home.

This way of life serves as the underlying energy of Local Works, where we encourage our members to be aware of the power that lies in their dollars, their votes and  their voices. Together, we choose to love the place where we choose to live — the Lowcountry.

We also encourage local visual artists to apply to have their work displayed on our walls. The Local Works gallery rotates artists every 4-6 months and includes the ability to host a happy hour reception for the community to get to know your work in an intimate setting. Apply online.

This project would not be possible without the support of the community, including the below organizations and businesses. Contact us to learn about ways to support and engage with what’s happening here at Local Works.