Welcoming (all) communities into our community workspace

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Local Works is Charleston’s first and longest-running open-sector coworking space.   That means we’re committed to providing a welcoming and supportive place for folks who work for nonprofits, LLCs, B-Corps, startups, charities, school districts, cultural movements, and the arts.

So, we’re inclusive of all types of projects. We want to see them thrive and succeed and explore and feel supported.

We’re also inclusive of all people.  In a continual commitment to be a space for all Charlestonians, we’ve commissioned brand-new bathroom signage for Local Works.  Christina Bailey, who works out of The Workshops at Howard Heights, a Charleston-based, cooperative artisan makerspace, created a couple of works of art for us!  Our new all-gender restroom signage replaces our gender-binary, superman/superwoman signage.

Included below are some process shots!  If you like what you see and want to reach out to Christina for your own inclusive bathroom signs (or virtually anything else under the sun), then check out her (incredibly impressive) Instagram here or contact her via her portfolio.

If you’d like to learn more about The Workshops at Howard Heights, visit their official website here.

Here’s to being open, local, and accepting of all who call Charleston home. Always.



(btw Check out Christina’s process shots below to get a sense of what went into creating these super-cool custom signs!)


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