Creator’s Clubhouse: Charleston’s Creative “Cork Board”

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FROM THE DESKS OF LOCAL WORKERS: Originally posted on Creators’ Clubhouse Feb 27, 2015.

Creative professionals and  freelancers want to work; companies and  causes need a helping hand .

“But where are all those cool jobs our friends seem to know about before we do?”

“Where are the creatives who can really deliver?”

Creator’s Clubhouse creates a community where those in need of creative help can source locally, from Charleston’s most driven contributors—freelancers to cand idates for full-time work.


Looking for work? We know that navigating Craigslist feels like a treasure hunt without a map, much less an “X” to mark the spot. Meanwhile cleaner, more “professional” job boards pool freelancers from all over the world—leading creatives to be overworked and  underpaid.

Creator’s Clubhouse provides direct access to local businesses, non-profits and  stakeholders who need help now, and  value forward thinking individuals who can contribute to their teams.

Those looking for extra help are often disappointed by or on different schedules from the globally sourced talent. This process can also create communication issues and  lapses in expectations, leading to meticulous back-and -forth and  a cluttered inbox.

Rob Kleiman, Founder of Creators' Clubhouse. Source: Foxworthy Studios

Rob Kleiman, Founder of Creators’ Clubhouse. Source: Foxworthy Studios

Founded in June 2014 by Charleston native, Robert Kleiman, Creators’ Clubhouse operates a curated “cork board” that allows locals to view and  post available creative positions in the growing creative services job market right here in the Lowcountry.The cork board is a resource to help Charleston creative types share their talents with the community and  an outlet for creative organizations to post opportunities . We’re here to help creative professionals stay connected to each other and  their community.


“We’re excited to launch, but we’re even more excited to serve the community right here in Charleston and  those that need affordable creative.”

Finding yourself in need of a gig? Need help on a creative project or new staff? Visit the Cork Board?

Rob Kleiman, CEO & Founder Rob Kleiman started Creators’ Clubhouse because unlocking creativity and  bringing people together are two ways that the world’s challenges are met; solutions are not created in a vacuum. Originally from Charleston he wants to give back to the community that means so much to him. He likes to travel, write and  make puns.

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