About Local Works

Lowcountry Local First developed Local Works as a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate, co-create, and harness the energy and support of other local business owners so that all can thrive.

An initiative of:


    • Conference Room
    • Phone Booth (x2)
    • Printer/Copier
    • Kitchen
    • Collaboration Space
    • Lounge area
    • Bar area
    • Locker (full-time members)
    • 24/7 Access (full-time members)
    • Featured on Local Works website
    • Wi-Fi
    • Parking
    • Bike Racks

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Creator’s Clubhouse: Charleston’s Creative “Cork Board” | March 23, 2015

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Density, Diversity & Shared Ownership | March 20, 2015

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8 Reasons The Holidays With Family Can Fuel Your Creative Fire | November 26, 2014

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Where are you spending your Friday? | September 12, 2014

Watching collaborations happen is the most rewarding part of of being the Community Manager at Local Works. We’ve only been up and running for a few months, but we already have a strong community and everyone in the space enjoys a sense of comradery. The environment is prime for organic collaboration with very little need for contrived or forced interaction. I can honestly say that two of our coworkers realized an opportunity to work together in the time I’ve sat down to write this post.

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Call for Applicants for ‘Marketplace of Ideas’ @ GoodBiz Summit | July 25, 2014

Lowcountry Local First is seeking applicants to present during a session at the August 21st, 2014 GOODBusiness Summit in a session titled ‘Marketplace of Ideas.’ During the session,  early-stage entrepreneurs will present an idea or opportunity to a panel of business owners and experts for advice and feedback, with audience interaction.

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Workplace Artist Spotlight: Thomas Sweeney | July 25, 2014

“Life drawing has always provided solace from architectural drawing for me. Eventually I realized there was an undeniable link between the two initially disparate aspects of my design process.  One is not independent of the other. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Design from Clemson University I received a National Merit Scholarship to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. While at there I studied figure painting & drawing & taught in the metal & wood shop.  I began post graduate work at the University of Illinois at Chicago and finished my Master of Architecture thesis at Clemson University. I currently live in Charleston, SC within a short distance from the office/studio in order to maximize time at home with my family and time spent making.  Painting, while working at a design build firm, creates a combination of art and architecture that is typically latent and occasionally blatant throughout my work.”

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The GOODBusiness Summit in Charleston | July 25, 2014

When: August 21st, 2014

The GOODBusiness Summit is a one-day event presented by Lowcountry Local First with speakers and panel discussions exploring how successful entrepreneurs do WELL in business while creating a positive community impact. Attendees will learn how to implement innovative ideas and models for success while engaging with guests, panelists and sponsors during the lunch and happy hour networking events. BECAUSE PEOPLE AND PLACE MATTER.

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Charleston City Paper: Lowcountry Local First launches co-working space at 1600 Meeting | July 25, 2014

The office environment at Local Works provides a place for local independent businesses to work and even collaborate with other professionals in different fields. Local Works isn’t the first co-working establishment in Charleston; it’ll join the ranks of The Flagship and Provision. “We rent the space to locally owned businesses or entrepreneurs who specifically work out of their homes or coffee shop or they’re just a small business that can’t afford rent. We are offering the space to those folks. Usually those are one- to two-people businesses,” says Misty Lister, LLF marketing and communications director.

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Looking for Artepeneurs | May 16, 2014

LLF is seeking to adorn their walls with works from talented local artists. The space will be home to a wide range of entrepreneurs and at capacity will host up to 40 businesses daiy. There will also be a high level of foot traffic with workshops hosted during the day and events in the evening.

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The Coworking Forecast 2014 | April 1, 2014

What if you could enjoy more leisure time while earning a higher wage? That’s the boon awaiting the one in ten people who start coworking this year. Everyone else will have to work more. But three fourths of coworking respondents reported a significant bonus at year’s end.

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Lowcountry Local First to open co-working space in Charleston | August 12, 2013

Up to 35 local entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to work under the same roof with a new co-working space in downtown Charleston. Lowcountry Local First — a Charleston nonprofit that supports local, independent businesses and promotes local goods — plans to open a co-working space in the first quarter of 2014. The space will not be sector-specific. Lowcountry Local First Executive Director Jamee Haley anticipates local entrepreneurs, small business owners and creative types using the 3,100-square-foot space.

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