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Lowcountry Local First developed Local Works as a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate, co-create, and harness the energy and support of other local business owners so that all can thrive.

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    • Conference Room
    • Phone Booth (x2)
    • Printer/Copier
    • Kitchen
    • Collaboration Space
    • Lounge area
    • Bar area
    • Locker (full-time members)
    • 24/7 Access (full-time members)
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    • Wi-Fi
    • Parking
    • Bike Racks

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Joanna Harrison – Superfood Superstar | October 28, 2015

Joanna is the Jill of all trades for a new Charleston-based natural food startup, which is developing a product line that will feature superfood and plant-based nutritional supplements and snacks. She is assisting the Kale-King, Brad Gruno, in laying the foundation for the yet-to-be-named business that just came together this year.

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Local Worker Launches New Line of Organic and Eco-Friendly Surf Wax | August 19, 2015

Kevin Schmoll is a punk-rock bass playing, home brewing, graphic designer and surfer. While he has always been and will always be passionate about graphic design (check out Schmoll Creative), about three years ago he had the thought ” Hey, it’s kinda strange that so many surfers use petroleum-based surf waxes when there must be something more environmentally friendly out there.”  At that point, development of Viscid Surf Wax was underway.

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Arielle Stratton – PARTY.LOVE.BIRDS | July 27, 2015

The Columbia native started Party.Love.Birds in 2013 and has been on an event planning roll ever since. Her favorite part? “Getting creative,” Arielle explains. “I absolutely love finding clients who want me to read their mind and surprise them with a wedding/event/design concept that they were envisioning, but couldn’t put words to.”

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Girl Boss: Eirka Firm | June 24, 2015

When it comes to design, Erika Firm prefers to take the old fashioned route with pen, ink and paint. “I try to carve out at least one full day per week to get my hands dirty and explore new techniques,” the self proclaimed Girl Boss (she really is a Girl Boss, though) and Creative Director behind Analog Creative Co. [http://analogcreativeco.com/] explains.


A spin off of Delphine, Analog Creative Co. sprang to life in 2003, and they’ve been on a creative journey ever since. The graphic design studio works with clients on projects ranging from Brand Development (think everything from brand strategy to trade show prep) to Graphic Design (media kits and logo design, to name a few) and Web and Digital Design (enter: email marketing, social media and analytics).

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A Platform for the Creative: Meet Rob Kleiman | May 20, 2015

In a city where the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well, and the font of creative talent is overflowing, promoting yourself professionally is a huge hurdle. The job market can be daunting, and when your passion is your craft, the last thing you want to be doing is spending countless hours staring at a computer screen trying to figure out how to convince cyberspace of your real life talent. Cue Creators’ Clubhouse. Like your childhood tree fort, Creators’ Clubhouse is a place of imagination and unfettered dreaming; except here, the aim is to make the visions become a reality.

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Green Roof Outfitters: Meet Michael Whitfield | April 24, 2015

Michael Whitfield is a lifelong entrepreneur. If he had it his way, he would waste away the hours inventing new things all day every day. He fostered this creative energy at The Citadel–MIlitary College of South Carolina, where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. While studying to become certified as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Professional, his passion for the environment and sustainable development grew, and he set his sights on going green. After years of exhaustive research spent in trial and error and trial again, Green Roof Outfitters was born.

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#FUNDTHEBUS and Hit The Deck | April 2, 2015

This Saturday, April 4th we are hitting the deck at the Pour House to celebrate the Lowcountry Street Grocery’s Kickstarter Launch Party. Doors open at 2pm, and we’ll have live music all day kicking off with Gerald Gregory & The Mustard Seeds at 3pm. The line-up continues with Two Tons featuring members of Gaslight Street at 4:45pm and Rodeo Clowns jamming till 9pm. Sponsored by Cathead Vodka and catered by Autobanh and Lunch Box food trucks, this is a day party you won’t want to miss.

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Creator’s Clubhouse: Charleston’s Creative “Cork Board” | April 2, 2015

Creative professionals and freelancers want to work; companies and causes need a helping hand.

“But where are all those cool jobs our friends seem to know about before we do?”

“Where are the creatives who can really deliver?”

Creator’s Clubhouse creates a community where those in need of creative help can source locally, from Charleston’s most driven contributors—freelancers to candidates for full-time work.

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Density, Diversity & Shared Ownership | April 2, 2015

While attending a recent Urban Land Institute annual Carolinas conference in Charleston, SC, I was intrigued by commercial real estate guru and marketer Gunnar Branson’s update to the well-worn real estate mantra: “Location, Location, Location.” Branson shared his 21st century update to the slogan as “Density, Diversity, and Shared Ownership” – this is the new paradigm of commercial real estate.

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Make Things Happen With a Mentor | March 6, 2015

I am a huge proponent of mentorship. I had a mentor from sixth grade through high school who helped me navigate the treacherous waters of being a teenager. This experience actually led me to become a mentor for a young man in need of a male role model. Professional athletes have a coach or mentor who offers guidance and suggestions for improvement. Musicians and artist look up to other artist and emulate style and technique. It makes sense that a person looking to improve any aspect of his or her life would seek out someone who has that particular aspect mastered and ask for guidance….

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8 Reasons The Holidays With Family Can Fuel Your Creative Fire | November 26, 2014

Rob Kleiman is one of the many movers and shakers here at Local Works. In a recent contribution to Charleston Grit he talks about transmuting stressful situations  during the holidays into creative wellsprings: The holidays are a great time to take a well-deserved breather from work projects, personal to-do lists, and spinning your wheels. It can be exhausting leading a creatively inspired life. It’s even more difficult earning a living as a creative/artist/freelancer/maker/small-business owner. Use these 8 tips to take advantage of this holiday season and get inspired by the friends and family gathered around you…

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Where are you spending your Friday? | September 12, 2014

Watching collaborations happen is the most rewarding part of of being the Community Manager at Local Works. We’ve only been up and running for a few months, but we already have a strong community and everyone in the space enjoys a sense of comradery. The environment is prime for organic collaboration with very little need for contrived or forced interaction. I can honestly say that two of our coworkers realized an opportunity to work together in the time I’ve sat down to write this post.

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Call for Applicants for ‘Marketplace of Ideas’ @ GoodBiz Summit | July 25, 2014

Lowcountry Local First is seeking applicants to present during a session at the August 21st, 2014 GOODBusiness Summit in a session titled ‘Marketplace of Ideas.’ During the session,  early-stage entrepreneurs will present an idea or opportunity to a panel of business owners and experts for advice and feedback, with audience interaction.

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Workplace Artist Spotlight: Thomas Sweeney | July 25, 2014

“Life drawing has always provided solace from architectural drawing for me. Eventually I realized there was an undeniable link between the two initially disparate aspects of my design process.  One is not independent of the other. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Design from Clemson University I received a National Merit Scholarship to attend the Art Institute of Chicago. While at there I studied figure painting & drawing & taught in the metal & wood shop.  I began post graduate work at the University of Illinois at Chicago and finished my Master of Architecture thesis at Clemson University. I currently live in Charleston, SC within a short distance from the office/studio in order to maximize time at home with my family and time spent making.  Painting, while working at a design build firm, creates a combination of art and architecture that is typically latent and occasionally blatant throughout my work.”

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The GOODBusiness Summit in Charleston | July 25, 2014

When: August 21st, 2014

The GOODBusiness Summit is a one-day event presented by Lowcountry Local First with speakers and panel discussions exploring how successful entrepreneurs do WELL in business while creating a positive community impact. Attendees will learn how to implement innovative ideas and models for success while engaging with guests, panelists and sponsors during the lunch and happy hour networking events. BECAUSE PEOPLE AND PLACE MATTER.

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